Change the green IP address from console

Applies to Platform: All UTM, All 4i Edge
Updated on: 4th October 2012

This lesson explains how to change the GREEN IP Address from the Endian Console.


If you don't know how-to connect to the Endian console, follow this how-to.
If you have an appliance equipped with a version greater than 2.5 follow this how-to.

Change the green ip address from console

Management URL:
Green IP:

0) Shell
1) Reboot
2) Change Root Password
3) Change Admin Password
4) Restore Factory Defaults

Choice: 0

[endian]: login
root's password:
Welcome to Endian Firewall Appliance release 2.5-0 (Deployset #0)
[endian] root: bash

When connecting to the serial console you see a menu like the one above. From the console menu type 0 to gain access to the Endian shell, then type login: you will be asked to insert your root password (which by factory settings is set to endian).

When you are logged into the Endian shell, type bash to access the bash shell. To change the default GREENIP you need to edit the file /var/efw/ethernet/settings with nano text editor:

bash-3.00# nano /var/efw/ethernet/settings

Change the GREEN_ADDRESS to your preference like in the example below, in which not only the Endian GREEN IP but the whole green subnet is changed. When finished, press CTRL+o to save the modified file and then press CTRL+x to exit from the editor. Finally, type reboot in the bash to restart your Endian UTM Appliance with the new settings for the GREEN zone.

You see the factory default:


That you can change e.g., to:



  • File /var/efw/ethernet/settings is empty or it does not exist: This can happen before the configuration of the zones has been done. In this case, simply add the GREEN_* variables (with suitable values) plus the GREEN_DEV=br0 variable to the file, then reboot the Appliance.
  • I experience errors when connecting, but the file /var/efw/ethernet/settings appears correct. You should make sure that the file has owner nobody:nobody, i.e,
    bash-3.00# chown nobody:nobody /var/efw/ethernet/settings
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