Change The Network Configuration From the Console

Applies to platform: UTM 3.0, 4i Edge 3.0
Last updated: 13th May 2014

This lesson shows how to change the network configuration of the zones from the console. If you are familiar with the console, you can use this method instead of using the GUI. You need to access via SSH or via serial console to the Appliance.


If you don't know how-to connect to the Endian console, follow this how-to.
This method only works with 3.0 Appliances, if you have an older appliance, please follow this lesson.

Update Network Configuration

After you login in you Endian Appliance, simply issue the following command:

root@endian # netwizard

 You will be asked a couple of questions. If the network has already been configured, the current values are shown: simply press Enter if you want to keep that value. The snippet below shows some possible values. Note that you should enter the network interfaces as eth1, eth2, and so on and not as br0, br1, and so on. IP ranges should be written in CIDR notation.

Network Configuration Wizard

Hostname? myappliance.
Domain? mydomain
RED device <eth0/eth1/eth2/eth3>? eth3
Green devices <eth0/eth1/eth2>? eth0
Green IPs (IP/CIDR)?
Orange devices <eth1/eth2>? eth1
Orange IPs (IP/CIDR)?
Blue devices ? eth2
Blue IPs (IP/CIDR)?
Enable SSH access <on/off>? on
Allow access to ports 22, 80 and 10443 from any interface <on/off>? off

After you are finished,  you will see a summary of the configuration as you entered and are asked two more questions:

  1. Is the above correct <yes/no>?
    Answer yes to accept the changes you entered or no to review the configuration.
  2. Write configuration <yes/no>?
    Answer yes to write the configuration on disk. If you answer no, you will exit without saving and applying any changes.
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