Enabling notifications by Email

Version 5.0

Applies to Platform: UTM 5.0, 4i Edge 5.0
Last Updated: 8th May 2018

This lesson show how to enable e-mail notifications for system events that take place on your Endian Appliance.


If you are using versions 3.0 or earlier, please refer to this article.

Preliminaries: Enabling Notification


  1. Go to System > Event Notification and click on the gray switch, that will turn green when the event notification subsystem is active.
  2. If the Use default email settings checkbox is ticked, the e-mail address defined at step 6 of the network wizard during the installation.
  3. If you prefer to receive the notification on a different address than the default one, untick the checkbox and fill in the additional fields with suitable values (see image below). Depending on your requirements, you need to fill in several options.
  4. Disregard the SMS Settings if you do not intend to receive notification by SMS (you need to purchase SMS-Bundles from Endian to be able to receive notification SMSs).
  5. Click on Save.


Choosing Events


In the Events tab, you can activate or deactivate notification for several events, a partial list of whom is shown in the above picture. Each event is identified by a unique ID and a short description, and is associated with an action. A ticked checkbox in the Email or SMS column indicates that an email or SMS is send whenever that events takes place. For example, when event 10100011 Raid device failed is detected, the Endian Appliance sends a notification by email but no SMS; for event 20100016 Uplink went online, only a SMS is sent, and finally for event 20100024 Uplink went offline, both an email and a SMS are sent.

Note that if SMS notification is not active, the ticked checkboxes in the SMS column are simply ignored.

When clicking on a checkbox, changes are applied immediately.

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