Changelog for version 3.0 arm 2016-09-14

Authentication layer: Enterprise

  • [ENTERPRISE-1213] Bug: OpenVPN client disconnection after 1 hour if OTP is used Affected packages: efw-vpn-3.0.137-0.endian22.noarch.rpm efw-eal-backend-enterprise-3.0.34-0.endian3.noarch.rpm


  • [CORE-1495] Bug: Non-ASCII subject of mails in quarantine are not displayed correctly Affected packages: efw-mail-quarantine-3.0.22-0.endian2.noarch.rpm


  • [CORE-1622] Bug: VPN Firewall rules are not applied Affected packages: efw-firewall-3.0.60-25.endian33.noarch.rpm jobsengine-3.0.56-1.endian5.i586.rpm

Service: Mail Quarantine

  • [ENTERPRISE-1207] Improvement: Quarantine digest stops when email is not sent and smtp isn't running Affected packages: efw-mail-quarantine-3.0.22-0.endian2.noarch.rpm


  • [UTM-1590] Bug: Cannot use certificates with intermediate CAs for OpenVPN server Affected packages: efw-vpn-3.0.137-0.endian22.noarch.rpm
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