Static Routes - Basic Setup

Version 2.5 Version 3.0

Applies to Platform: UTM 3.0, 4i Edge 3.0
Last Updated: 25st February 2014

Applies to Platform: UTM 2.5, 4i Edge 2.5
Last Updated: 25st February 2014

This lesson will illustrate the necessary steps to configure a simple static route on a typical Endian appliance. This will allow us to configure routing (i.e. communication capabilities) between the Endian and other networks that may not live directly on the Endian but on an external router or through a VPN tunnel.

Configuration Example


In this simple example, we'll configure a static route to an external network that lives on a router within the Green network. As you can see the router has one interface in the Green network and another interface for the external network that lives outside the Green network.

Create Static Route



Now we'll add a static route in the Endian under Network > Routing > Static Routing. Here we'll leave the "Source Network" field blank to mean ANY and then supply the destination network (external) and the route gateway IP which is the Green IP of the external router.

Click Add Route and then Apply to complete the process.

Verify Route


Now you can verify the route works properly by pinging a device in the remote network ( and vice versa. Be sure to check the appropriate firewall rules are in place to allow the desired level of communication between the two networks.


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