Switchboard Changelog For Version 6.5.1 - 2022-10-27

Aggregated changelog: 20221026190321

Product Machine Version
switchboard-macro-fws7840 fws7840 6.5.1
switchboard-macro-scb1721 scb1721 6.5.1
switchboard-virtual-x64 softwarex86-64 6.5.1

Switchboard Settings

SB-3520 Task: Disable Netawareness on Switchboard appliances

Product Machine Version
macro-250 nsa3150 6.5.1
macro-500 nsa3150 6.5.1
macro-1000 nsa7120b 6.5.1
macro-2500 nsa7120b 6.5.1
macro-plus-scb1910 scb1910 6.5.1
switchboard-macro-fws7840 fws7840 6.5.1
switchboard-macro-scb1721 scb1721 6.5.1
switchboard-virtual-x64 softwarex86-64 6.5.1

Core API

CORE-4915 Bug: systemd, apache2, "firewall" units not logging via SSE - livelogs
CORE-4918 Bug: NTLM AD re-join not working after configuration changes - regression

Core Backup

CORE-4833 Bug: HTTP/SMTP specific formatting from eos-5 backup breaks API settings read on eos-6

Core Base system

CORE-1797 Task: Optimize firewall restart criteria on boot
CORE-1961 Task: Package the latest version of jQuery
CORE-2520 Improvement: Refactor uplinksdaemon imports and functions
CORE-2788 Improvement: Refactor zones code
CORE-2800 Bug: Fix zone code
CORE-3034 Improvement: yocto 2.5: Convert timers (phase 2)
CORE-3041 Improvement: Cleanup config files at startup
CORE-3058 Improvement: Rework timers and units
CORE-3072 Improvement: refactor cleanup scripts
CORE-3079 Improvement: Rework systemd and endian-system class
CORE-3087 Improvement: remove pkg_resources namespace declaring
CORE-3112 New Feature: remove VERSION from source makefile
CORE-3126 Improvement: remove tmpwatch
CORE-3139 Bug: Fix samba SRC_URI
CORE-3149 Improvement: add inhibited flags to timers
CORE-3374 Bug: Reorder openssl methods and fix parameters order
CORE-3620 Improvement: refactor firewall and change template engine
CORE-3756 Task: Optimize imports of to_bool function.
CORE-4295 Improvement: Verify all links from the GUI to the contextual help
CORE-4584 Improvement: Multiple Zones support
CORE-4625 Bug: Fix python3 DataSource path usage in configfiles
CORE-4736 Task: Create a controller to expose OpenAPI of emi commands
CORE-4742 Task: Use eos.apps as a namespace for EOS apps
CORE-4813 Improvement: Remove trailing slash from API

Core Dashboard

CORE-4903 Bug: purge-events-db has not migrated completely from DataSource to SettingsFile

Core Documentation

CORE-4503 Task: Fix documentation errors

Core EMI

CORE-1497 Bug: Non-ASCII subject of mails in quarantine are not displayed correctly
CORE-1845 Bug: Proxy HTTP button incorrectly displayed on some products
CORE-2374 Improvement: Gui layout improvements
CORE-2547 Task: Replace Q.js with ES6 Promises
CORE-2565 Task: Replace Q.js with ES6 Promises
CORE-3179 Improvement: Substitute Kendo Grids with Vue Datatables

Core Firewall

CORE-2222 Bug: Snort doesn't work when HTTP proxy is ON
CORE-2469 Bug: Incorrect broute rules added by default in bridged mode
CORE-3167 Epic: Firewall optimizations
CORE-3259 Bug: Fix firewall execution and restart

Core Jobsengine

CORE-1655 New Feature: Disable signature updates for certain uplinks

Core Logging & Monitoring

CORE-2084 Bug: HTTP Proxy logs not rotated
CORE-2147 Bug: Event reporting graphs not working
CORE-2625 Improvement: Yocto 2.4: convert syslog reload calls from logrotate files
CORE-2813 Bug: Fix logging menu
CORE-2870 Improvement: Verify journald - syslog-ng interaction and cleanup configuration
CORE-2922 Bug: Sarg retention in monthly cron is not working
CORE-2931 Task: Logs: add new ClamAV log page
CORE-3043 Improvement: Refactor logrotate
CORE-3574 Improvement: Implement new live log list page front-end
CORE-4640 Bug: Warning syslog-ng configuration file format is too old
CORE-4731 New Feature: Create an API to serve logs via Server-Sent Events
CORE-4782 Bug: HTTP proxy logs not shown in livelogs
CORE-4900 Task: Proxy logs in livelog need to be ported to EOS 6.x

Core Menu

CORE-2275 New Feature: New emi menu

Core Network configuration

CORE-3372 Bug: Refactor network and bridges code

Core Update procedure

CORE-4822 Improvement: Add API for upgrade progress feedback

Frontend base

FE-132 Improvement: Unit test components for src-eos-ui-app-utm
FE-143 Improvement: Fix src-ui-core imports
FE-32 Bug: Login screen shown when opening the proxy GUI from switchboard portal
FE-60 Bug: Cannot add single or two letter domains on all "Domain or IP" input fields
FE-87 Bug: Fixes of FE_83, FE_43, FE_82, FE_81, FE_41

Frontend design

FE-141 Bug: Content filter name not accepting editing once it hits an error exception
FE-145 Bug: HTTPs certificate settings should be seen only when the user selects full
FE-27 Improvement: Each GUI element should have a unique / unchanging ID for robotframework compatibility
FE-47 New Feature: Various post release fixes and optimizations to HTTP and SMTP proxy
FE-66 Improvement: Improve UI in mobile view in HTTP proxy access policy filtering modal

Frontend framework

FE-31 Bug: Mail server address field in SMTP proxy incoming domain settings behaves buggy when hitting backspace key
FE-40 Bug: Inconsistent state is shown when navigating away from a tab and not saving changes

Frontend page

FE-112 Bug: MimeTypes have no "how to compile" suggestion
FE-125 Bug: Domain / IP / MAC placeholders are adding items by right clicking or clicking on the page
FE-127 Task: Frontend for POP3 Proxy
FE-137 Task: Improve SMTP proxy black and whitelist page
FE-140 Bug: content filter error page display is broken with long URL's
FE-146 Bug: MimeTypes should be visible only if the access policy profile is set to deny
FE-155 Bug: virus error page is broken with long URL's
FE-164 Bug: SMTP proxy domain's page save button is always enabled
FE-30 Bug: Some labels are shown on top of the header
FE-35 Bug: HTTP proxy frontend should allow input of IP addresses in do-not-cache-these-destination field
FE-61 Task: You need to hit twice slash / when inserting a subnet into Source / Destination IP widget
FE-65 Bug: Unable to add in proxy do not cache these destinations
FE-68 Bug: Rules data should be visible in access policy overview (user experience)
FE-95 Bug: Apply button disappears after save for disabling HTTP/SMTP proxy

Hotspot Login portal

HOTSPOT-576 Bug: Login fails if HTTPS proxy is enabled

Management Center Server

EMC-239 Bug: HTTP Proxy Access Policy rules are pushed but not applied

Management Center Service

EMC-161 Bug: Safe Search ignores configuration pushed from EMC
EMC-163 Bug: Web Filter ignores configuration pushed from EMC
EMC-305 Improvement: Squid should also attempt to pick up custom options from EMC


EOS-2057 New Feature: Finalize OTSB Product

OS Buildsystem Tools

EOS-2140 Improvement: Rework package group and remove acs
EOS-2284 Improvement: Upgrade nodejs to 14 LTS

OS Installer

EOS-1368 Task: installer: force grub target to i386-pc (non-UEFI)

OS Yocto

EOS-1123 Task: Fix wrong acs-module recipe license
EOS-1176 Task: Review postinst management with sub-vars
EOS-1235 Improvement: Cleanup packages for meta-endian recipes
EOS-1242 Task: Cleanup packages for meta-enterprise-endian-antivirus recipes
EOS-1254 Task: Cleanup packages for meta-enterprise-endian-webfilter recipes
EOS-1256 Task: Cleanup packages for meta-enterprise-endian-system recipes
EOS-1277 Task: Review postinst management with sub-vars on upstream recipes
EOS-1308 Task: Use external license file
EOS-1339 Task: Apply recipe patches in meta-endian layer
EOS-1341 Task: Apply recipe patches in meta-enterprise-endian-system layer
EOS-1364 Epic: Upgrade yocto to 2.2
EOS-1399 Task: Uniform PR usage
EOS-1401 Task: Apply meta-endian patches to sources
EOS-1411 Improvement: yocto: upgrade to 2.4 (rocko)
EOS-1420 Bug: /var/log/archives/clamav is not packaged by efw-clamav
EOS-1450 Task: Cleanup disused cgi pages
EOS-1489 Task: Remove replaced cgi and perl menu files
EOS-1516 Improvement: Yocto 2.4: upgrade syslog conf
EOS-1554 Bug: Yocto 2.4: core2_32 machines override now i686
EOS-1563 Task: Yocto 2.4: Convert Timers
EOS-1579 Task: Code cleanup
EOS-1584 Task: Analyze what to do to remove migration scripts from 2.5 and versions below
EOS-1586 Improvement: Code cleanup
EOS-1588 Bug: Fix wrongly merged recipes
EOS-1609 New Feature: Evaluate impact of upgrading master to yocto 2.5 (sumo) release
EOS-1622 Task: Remove duplicated code, delete outdated repos
EOS-1624 Task: Cleanup initscripts and monit
EOS-1625 Improvement: Move migration scripts out of sources
EOS-1632 Improvement: Optimize rpm scriptlets using transactions
EOS-1653 Task: Remove initscripts
EOS-1662 Task: Remove monit conffiles
EOS-1681 Improvement: Evaluate upgrade to thud
EOS-1706 Task: Remove monit file in sources
EOS-1708 Improvement: multi-instance syslog systemd unit
EOS-1710 Improvement: Move /var/run files into /run
EOS-1721 Task: /var/run used in volatile files
EOS-1722 Improvement: Proxy service status wrongly shown on edge dashboard
EOS-1724 Task: Fix QA errors on sources and update file headers
EOS-1812 Task: Align to latest yocto thud commits
EOS-1906 Task: Cleanup legacy csv tests
EOS-2144 Task: Frontend packages must be build with fixed versioned dependencies
EOS-2163 Task: Add frontend repositories to manifest with latest updates
EOS-2165 Task: Remove ENDIAN_GIT_TAG in eos-app-ui-utm recipy
EOS-2207 New Feature: Add frontend -dbg packages
EOS-2290 Task: Fix eos-ui-app-utm recipe
EOS-306 Epic: Fix perl native sysroot errors on some recipes
EOS-432 Task: Make source retrieve mode switch more friendly
EOS-455 Bug: Deploy and re-tag sources with missing empty files
EOS-632 New Feature: Implement multilib
EOS-633 New Feature: Implement multilib
EOS-665 Bug: Fix src-common tag and review recipes for master branch
EOS-714 Bug: lib32-perl-db-file: QA issue on .debug files
EOS-720 Bug: yocto compile issues
EOS-735 Bug: sum-events-db fails due to missing pysqlite2 library
EOS-772 Bug: acs-module: move to "all" architecture
EOS-773 Bug: p3scan: Doesn't start on 64 bit machines
EOS-809 Bug: add executable permissions to wpad.dat
EOS-826 Task: Move recipes PV to 5.0.1
EOS-875 Bug: Panda antivirus doesn't start anymore
EOS-884 Bug: efw-panda: syslog conf has nobody group
EOS-972 Bug: url-rewrite: memory leak

Switchboard GUI

SB-2284 Improvement: Move Kendo dependencies from EMI to the Switchboard

Switchboard Portal

SB-3332 Bug: New cookie based authentication broke switchboard pages on the management interface on port 10443

UTM Antispam: SpamAssassin

UTM-1944 Task: Rewrite spamassassin GUI
UTM-2145 Improvement: fix run_sa_update invocation
UTM-2155 Bug: Spam Training uses wrong command for connection test
UTM-2262 Improvement: Add support for SSL and custom IMAP server port in Spam training
UTM-2280 Bug: If port is not specified spamtraining imap will not connect
UTM-2358 Bug: IMAP training fails if mail is incomplete
UTM-2505 Improvement: Reintroduce spamassassin into 6.x
UTM-2845 Bug: sa-wrapper command is missing

UTM Antivirus: ClamAV

UTM-1777 Task: Update ClamAV to fix some CVE
UTM-1959 Bug: Update clamav to 0.99.4
UTM-2146 Improvement: fix efw-clamav-cleanup timer
UTM-2605 Improvement: Upgrade ClamAV to 0.104.0

UTM Enterprise API

ENTERPRISE-2581 New Feature: Fix licenses and cleanup of FastAPI source code
ENTERPRISE-2651 Task: Uniform API paths

UTM Enterprise Antispam: Commtouch

ENTERPRISE-1515 Task: Fix spamassassin gui to work with new menu

UTM Enterprise Antivirus

ENTERPRISE-2148 Task: Evaluate antivirus engines
ENTERPRISE-2323 New Feature: Fix dependency loop for antivirus packages
ENTERPRISE-2329 Improvement: Antivirus log page show logs not related to virus events
ENTERPRISE-2452 Bug: icap sends logs not related to viruses to remote syslog
ENTERPRISE-2525 Bug: Antivirus settings page not linked correctly from the menu

UTM Enterprise Antivirus: Bitdefender

ENTERPRISE-2316 Epic: Bitdefender status info and log management
ENTERPRISE-2348 Bug: Bitdefender last signature update is not displayed correctly
ENTERPRISE-2396 Bug: bitdefender not detecting virus locally but detects it on virustotal
ENTERPRISE-2399 Bug: bitdefender not detecting virus locally but detects it on virustotal
ENTERPRISE-2438 New Feature: Integrate Bitdefender Antispam and URL Filter
ENTERPRISE-2440 New Feature: Integrate Bitdefender Antispam and URL Filter
ENTERPRISE-2627 Improvement: Upgrade bitdefender engine to

UTM Enterprise Antivirus: Panda

ENTERPRISE-1047 Bug: efw-panda: missing monit reload for pavapidaemon in postinst
ENTERPRISE-1065 Task: Disable Panda Cloud AV when license has expired
ENTERPRISE-1074 Bug: indentation error on panda restartscript
ENTERPRISE-1081 Bug: Squid error with acs_module installed
ENTERPRISE-1084 Bug: invalid squid configuration with acs_module
ENTERPRISE-1153 Bug: Panda Antivirus engine does not appear in the Antivirus Engine section
ENTERPRISE-1168 Bug: icap throws a SEGV while scans infected archives
ENTERPRISE-1229 Bug: Both Panda Cloud Antivirus and ClamAV started at the same time
ENTERPRISE-1232 Improvement: Avoid pavapidaemon restart if not forced
ENTERPRISE-1486 Bug: PandaAV signatures update stuck
ENTERPRISE-1680 Improvement: Yocto 2.4: panda job fails with traceback

UTM Enterprise Appliance: Hardware

ENTERPRISE-2543 Improvement: 6.x closed beta misc fixes - 3
ENTERPRISE-2546 Task: 6.x closed beta misc fixes - 4

UTM Enterprise Appliance: Virtual

ENTERPRISE-2536 Improvement: 6.x closed beta misc fixes

UTM Enterprise Endian Network

ENTERPRISE-1199 Task: Create smbconfig.config instead of using the obsolete registerLookup

UTM Enterprise License

ENTERPRISE-1850 Bug: Refactor proprietary licenses
ENTERPRISE-1991 Improvement: Update address inside license agreement

UTM Enterprise Monitoring, Reporting

ENTERPRISE-1276 Bug: Not found EMI error when clicking Web chart slice from Summary
ENTERPRISE-1549 Bug: Limit events.db size
ENTERPRISE-1712 Bug: Avoid emi traceback when events.db is incomplete
ENTERPRISE-1733 Improvement: Add missing items in reporting menu
ENTERPRISE-1742 Task: Logs: add new Panda log page
ENTERPRISE-1824 Bug: Panda Antivirus service log points to wrong file
ENTERPRISE-2294 Bug: efw-reporting package has wrong PR
ENTERPRISE-2531 Bug: Syslog match filter broken after upgrade
ENTERPRISE-2649 Bug: Dashboard counters do not work

UTM Enterprise Service: Mail Quarantine

ENTERPRISE-1049 Bug: Quarantine summary reports are quarantined with Cyren enabled
ENTERPRISE-1208 Improvement: Quarantine digest stops when email is not sent and smtp isn't running
ENTERPRISE-1273 Task: Remove debug logs
ENTERPRISE-1447 Bug: XSS in Mail Quarantine
ENTERPRISE-1640 Bug: Error while trying to format column 'from_' value

UTM Enterprise User Interface

ENTERPRISE-2625 Task: Remove FTP proxy settings from antivirus global settings

UTM Enterprise Webfilter: Commtouch

ENTERPRISE-1037 Task: Cyren webfilter and SafeSearch default profiles
ENTERPRISE-2619 Bug: Webfilter profiles must be written to datasource using only [a-z0-9] characters and they have to be unique

UTM Enterprise Webfilter: HTTPS Transparent content filtering

ENTERPRISE-1539 Task: Remove popup to warn users to enable dnsproxy when https urfiltering mode is in use
UTM-1928 New Feature: Content filter for https pages

UTM Enterprise Webfilter: SafeSearch

ENTERPRISE-2646 Bug: Safesearch has not been ported on eos-6.0 on UI and API backend


UTM-1551 Bug: Web filter profile containing space in the name are not applied to proxy ACL
UTM-1561 Bug: Webfilter configurations are not removed and prevent c-icap to start
UTM-1867 Bug: c-icap cannot allocate memory for buffer
UTM-2519 Bug: icap does not start when clamav is used
UTM-2563 Improvement: Upgrade c-icap to 0.5.x
UTM-2883 Bug: Bitdefender Illegal category should be written lowercase
UTM-2964 Bug: c-icap if used with clamav will fail to connect to clamav

UTM Monitoring, Reporting

UTM-1432 Bug: Mails statistics not shown in Event Reporting mail section
UTM-2032 Bug: Sarg is loading the wrong configuration
UTM-2106 Improvement: Update SARG
UTM-2109 Bug: Sarg doesn't load language file
UTM-2473 Improvement: Remove dansguardian configs from sarg
UTM-2611 Bug: Problems with Reporting on 6

UTM Proxy: DNS

UTM-2950 Task: Create FastAPI for DNS proxy configuration


UTM-1343 Improvement: HTTP Proxy always in transparent mode for BLUE zone
UTM-1350 Task: Remove authentication from HTTP Proxy
UTM-1424 Bug: Squid going IPv6 on IPv6 sites resulting in (101) Network is unreachable
UTM-1465 Epic: proxy.pac improvements
UTM-1529 Bug: Proxy authentication is not working with AD
UTM-1566 Epic: Update squid to 3.5.25
UTM-1596 Bug: Squid "number of different IP's per user" setting prevent internet access
UTM-1610 Improvement: SARG report disabled by default
UTM-1653 Bug: wpad is offered via DHCP and HTTP even if proxy is inactive
UTM-1774 Bug: Add parameter winbind max clients to winbind.conf
UTM-1884 Bug: Squid terminates with an error if an entire domain and its subdomains are used in the same access policy
UTM-1987 Bug: WPAD in JSON format
UTM-2054 Improvement: Yocto 2.4: Wrong winbindd service invoked
UTM-2060 Improvement: Remove custom template creation on proxy postinst
UTM-2130 Improvement: Squid: remove hardcoded /usr/lib/squid
UTM-2209 Improvement: Suppress Squid version string info in HTTP headers and HTML error pages
UTM-2312 Bug: Reintroduce squid into 6.0
UTM-2400 Improvement: Proxy exclude logging for specific domains
UTM-2456 Bug: Squid MAXTCPLISTENPORTS/MAXTCPLISTENPORTS is too low for some systems
UTM-2484 Task: Create proxy datasource documentation
UTM-2498 Task: Squid: Upgrade to 4.14
UTM-2529 Task: Define HTTP Proxy openAPI
UTM-2545 Bug: Winbind does not start on 6.x
UTM-2608 Improvement: Add missing routes to HTTP proxy API
UTM-2617 Task: Create eos-ui-app-utm recipe
UTM-2620 Task: Create new pages for HTTP and SMTP proxy
UTM-2623 Bug: Proxy models must handle also empty string for boolean fields
UTM-2626 Bug: Proxy.pac not reachable because commands are not exposed
UTM-2629 Bug: list fields contains invalid empty string if datasource value is not set
UTM-2632 Bug: HTTP Proxy must start on all existing zones
UTM-2636 Task: Add cookie-authentication dependency to proxy API
UTM-2639 Bug: apply_config API do not reset the config changed flag
UTM-2647 Bug: Fix OFFLINE_MODE default value for HTTP proxy
UTM-2650 Task: Optimize proxy menu
UTM-2657 Bug: HTTP Proxy transparent local routes and rules are not created
UTM-2665 Task: Update eos-ui-app-utm package
UTM-2673 Bug: strictly use on/off for boolean storage of API fields
UTM-2676 Task: remove child item under HTTP proxy menu
UTM-2679 Bug: Hash password of NCSA users
UTM-2682 Bug: Fix API to retrieve HTTPS settings
UTM-2688 Bug: Fix API for NCSA user renaming
UTM-2694 Bug: Misc fixes for new HTTP proxy API
UTM-2697 Improvement: Add name field to HTTP policy
UTM-2700 Bug: eos-ui-app-utm misc fixes
UTM-2706 Bug: fix italian language selector in HTTP proxy settings
UTM-2713 Improvement: Add API for HTTPS proxy certificate management
UTM-2716 Bug: eos-ui-app-utm misc fixes (part 2)
UTM-2722 Improvement: remove NO_SSLv2 from squid options
UTM-2725 Improvement: Introduce ERR_PROTOCOL_UNKNOWN template
UTM-2743 New Feature: Create webfilter API
UTM-2746 Improvement: Create webfilter profile API
UTM-2749 Task: eos-ui-app-utm misc fixes (part 3)
UTM-2752 Bug: Fix webfilter API
UTM-2755 Bug: squid 4.14 multiple CVE's
UTM-2758 Improvement: Authenticate API docs
UTM-2766 Task: eos-ui-app-utm misc fixes (part 4)
UTM-2774 Improvement: webfilter profiles changes must trigger HTTP proxy "config changed" flag
UTM-2779 Bug: API for Access Policy Filter should not accept an empty list of IP, MAC, Zones or Domains
UTM-2780 Bug: Syntax definition needs to be refined in multiple places on HTTP Proxy UI
UTM-2782 Task: Define and implement new backend API for changing the order of a list of Access Policy rules in HTTP proxy
UTM-2786 Bug: Port range input field is misleading
UTM-2789 Bug: eos-ui-app-utm misc fixes (part 5)
UTM-2790 Bug: The HTTP proxy policy filter type selection should include also custom-defined webfilters
UTM-2791 Bug: PDC / BDC IP are missing from both frontend and backend (API calls)
UTM-2795 Bug: Proxy's access policy time restriction multiple issues
UTM-2796 Bug: TLS 1.0 and 1.1 is not disabled with non-transparent HTTPs proxy
UTM-2797 Bug: sslproxy_flags is no longer available on squid 4
UTM-2799 Improvement: Improve HTTP Proxy error page template design
UTM-2807 New Feature: eos-ui-app-utm misc fixes (part 6)
UTM-2810 Bug: Proxy API for authentication fails with auth_max_userip or auth_ipcache_ttl set to 0
UTM-2838 Improvement: Improve description strings of fastAPI model fields
UTM-2884 Bug: HTTP proxy API does not accept empty values for upstream proxy username and password
UTM-2886 Bug: HTTP proxy NTLM authentication port to 6.x
UTM-2893 Bug: Fix of FE_36, UTM_2828, UTM_2824
UTM-2910 Bug: Proxy username groups are not correctly formatted when stored in datasource
UTM-2919 Bug: Squid exiting with bus error and persisting even after system reboot
UTM-2922 Task: Add unittests and validators on PolicyRule model
UTM-2924 Bug: SINGLE_DH_USE causing error due to openssl's option deprecation
UTM-2938 Task: Create an API to return available mime types
UTM-2944 Task: Missing dependency in tox environment for integration tests
UTM-2953 Bug: The UI should prevent squid fatal bungled configurations (crash) - Backend fix
UTM-2955 Bug: Missing dependency in tox environment for devmode
UTM-2959 Bug: src-efw-proxy contains deprecated code (havp, dansguardian)
UTM-2968 Bug: Squid ACL configuration files are not removed after rule deletion.
UTM-2971 Bug: HTTP and SMTP proxy zone configurations API returns 200 also with wrong zone ids
UTM-2986 Bug: squid error pages are served with static language, while urlfilter pages depends on browser language
UTM-3010 Task: Restore missing log pages for HTTP proxy


UTM-2163 Bug: HTTPS Proxy high memory usage

UTM Proxy: POP3

UTM-1523 Bug: POP3 whitelisted/blacklisted addresses are not considered with Cyren
UTM-1942 Task: Rewrite POP3 proxy GUI
UTM-1976 Improvement: Use bootstrap classes in POP3 GUI
UTM-2599 Bug: enabling POP3 will not start the service (smtp disabled)
UTM-2602 Bug: Intercept SSL/TLS encrypted connections having opposite effect
UTM-2947 Task: Create FastAPI for POP3 proxy configuration
UTM-2973 Bug: popscan job don't reset p3scan needreload flag
UTM-2980 Bug: bitdefender as antispam engine do not starts if pop3 proxy is enabled only on a user defined zone
UTM-2989 Bug: POP3 proxy firewall rules not applied when enabled - regression


UTM-1317 Bug: BAD HEADER mails are quarantined AND passed
UTM-1337 Improvement: Basic interface to configure SMTP smarthost
UTM-1382 Bug: DSN option is not working correctly
UTM-1399 Bug: SSLv3 POODLE for SMTP Proxy
UTM-1429 Bug: IMAP authentication section not required for Hotspot product
UTM-1437 Task: Disable ipv6 on postfix
UTM-1516 Bug: Missing saslauthd on yocto
UTM-1532 Epic: Postfix access control rewrite
UTM-1669 Improvement: Notify recipients when a virus mail has been detected
UTM-1700 Bug: smtpscan Traceback at boot if shoudstart is False
UTM-1966 Bug: amavisd-new doesn't restart after an unclean shutdown due to db corruption
UTM-1971 Bug: AMaViS temporary files are not removed after a day
UTM-2192 Improvement: Update Realtime Blacklist (RBL)
UTM-2320 Improvement: Add office macros extensions to SMTP proxy's list of blockable extensions
UTM-2511 Improvement: Reintroduce postgrey into 6.x
UTM-2541 Bug: Restart firewall correctly after restarting smtpscan
UTM-2557 Bug: Postfix fails to start on 6.x because of missing databases
UTM-2559 Bug: Enable SASL support for postfix on 6.x
UTM-2566 New Feature: Upgrade pyzord to 1.0.0
UTM-2576 New Feature: Define SMTP proxy openAPI
UTM-2580 Bug: Missing CSV config files from SMTP proxy datasource
UTM-2587 Improvement: Improve field names in openAPI models
UTM-2590 Improvement: Move RBL to csv format and create API to read them
UTM-2593 New Feature: Create API to fetch if SMTP proxy config is changed and apply it
UTM-2596 Bug: SMTP Proxy cannot load RBL
UTM-2614 Improvement: Use actions path to apply configuration in SMTP API
UTM-2685 Improvement: Handle new zones in SMTP proxy
UTM-2710 Bug: Custom zones are not usable by SMTP proxy
UTM-2719 Bug: Fix API backend for IPv4 handling
UTM-2728 Bug: Smarthost settings needs to be validated
UTM-2734 Bug: validate smarthost data only when enabled
UTM-2737 Bug: enhance smtp proxy models validation
UTM-2740 Bug: move reject fields from spam settings to main settings
UTM-2767 Bug: SMTP proxy incoming domain can be also a FQDN
UTM-2831 Bug: saslauthd needs to be ported to systemd init
UTM-2842 Task: Fix broken integration tests of SMTP proxy API
UTM-2846 Bug: Starting SMTPscan proxy having a static routing rule configured results in a traceback
UTM-2847 Bug: Some amavids config is ignored on EOS6
UTM-2849 Bug: SMTP proxy mail template language should be a single-select field
UTM-2885 Bug: RED zone missing from list of available zones in the SMTP proxy
UTM-2890 Bug: Fix of UTM_2877, UTM_2873, UTM_2879, UTM_2880
UTM-2891 Bug: Quarantine email sender/recipient addresses fields mismatch in SMTP proxy blocked files
UTM-2895 Bug: SMTP proxy smarthost settings are overridden by main settings
UTM-2899 Bug: SMTP proxy domain routing frontend has several problems
UTM-2932 Bug: Mail quarantine page 404
UTM-2941 Bug: Multiple problems while importing SMTP configuration backup
UTM-2977 Bug: SMTP proxy banned files extensions are saved to the datasource with the dot in front
UTM-2978 Bug: Drop templates of unsupported languages
UTM-2981 Bug: Spam black/whitelists should not accept IP addresses as input - Frontend
UTM-2985 Bug: Spam black/whitelists should not accept IP addresses as input - Backend
UTM-2988 Bug: Virus details not shown in quarantine email
UTM-2992 Task: Remove Japanese language from SMTP proxy
UTM-3006 Task: Restore missing log pages for SMTP proxy

UTM Webfilter: integrated

UTM-3012 Task: Restore missing log pages for webfilter

Product Machine Version
macro-250 nsa3150 6.5.1
macro-250-scb1721 scb1721 6.5.1
macro-500 nsa3150 6.5.1
macro-500-scb1721 scb1721 6.5.1
macro-1000 nsa7120b 6.5.1
macro-2500 nsa7120b 6.5.1
macro-fws7840 fws7840 6.5.1
macro-plus-scb1910 scb1910 6.5.1
macro-scb1721 scb1721 6.5.1
mercury-50-scb1617a scb1617a 6.5.1
mercury-50-wifi-scb1617a scb1617a 6.5.1
mercury-100 nsa1150 6.5.1
mercury-fws2365 fws2365 6.5.1
mini-10 scb6901mmc 6.5.1
mini-10-wifi scb6901mmc 6.5.1
mini-25-scb6901mmc2 scb6901mmc2 6.5.1
mini-25-wifi-scb6901mmc2 scb6901mmc2 6.5.1
mini-fws2276 fws2276 6.5.1
software-enterprise-uefi-x64 softwarex86-64 6.5.1
software-enterprise-x64 softwarex86-64 6.5.1
switchboard-macro-fws7840 fws7840 6.5.1
switchboard-macro-scb1721 scb1721 6.5.1
switchboard-virtual-x64 softwarex86-64 6.5.1
virtual-uefi-x64 softwarex86-64 6.5.1
virtual-x64 softwarex86-64 6.5.1

Frontend page

FE-156 Bug: HTTP/SMTP proxy tabbed navbar not displayed correctly on mobile

Switchboard Appliance Packages

SB-3515 Improvement: Add UTM modules to 6.x switchboard products

UTM Antispam: SpamAssassin

UTM-2996 Bug: Spam whitelisting does not work as expected with Bitdefender antispam engine

Product Machine Version
4i-edge-software-uefi-x64 softwarex86-64 6.5.1
4i-edge-software-x64 softwarex86-64 6.5.1
4i-edge-virtual-x64 softwarex86-64 6.5.1
4i-edge-x fws2275 6.5.1
4i-mini-fws2276 fws2276 6.5.1
macro-250 nsa3150 6.5.1
macro-250-scb1721 scb1721 6.5.1
macro-500 nsa3150 6.5.1
macro-500-scb1721 scb1721 6.5.1
macro-1000 nsa7120b 6.5.1
macro-2500 nsa7120b 6.5.1
macro-fws7840 fws7840 6.5.1
macro-plus-scb1910 scb1910 6.5.1
macro-scb1721 scb1721 6.5.1
mercury-50-scb1617a scb1617a 6.5.1
mercury-50-wifi-scb1617a scb1617a 6.5.1
mercury-100 nsa1150 6.5.1
mercury-fws2365 fws2365 6.5.1
mini-10 scb6901mmc 6.5.1
mini-10-wifi scb6901mmc 6.5.1
mini-25-scb6901mmc2 scb6901mmc2 6.5.1
mini-25-wifi-scb6901mmc2 scb6901mmc2 6.5.1
mini-fws2276 fws2276 6.5.1
software-enterprise-uefi-x64 softwarex86-64 6.5.1
software-enterprise-x64 softwarex86-64 6.5.1
switchboard-macro-fws7840 fws7840 6.5.1
switchboard-macro-scb1721 scb1721 6.5.1
switchboard-virtual-x64 softwarex86-64 6.5.1
virtual-uefi-x64 softwarex86-64 6.5.1
virtual-x64 softwarex86-64 6.5.1

Core API

CORE-4910 Task: Relocate execute_command function from eos-api to eos-core package
CORE-4934 Improvement: Create an API to retrieve log stats per app
CORE-4953 Bug: log stats API should not crash handling logs with weird timestamp
CORE-4955 Bug: live logs items have wrong timestamp

Core Authentication layer

CORE-4928 Bug: packages update that require redis restart will abruptly close the user session

Core Base system

CORE-4865 Improvement: Upgrade python3 to 3.7.14
CORE-4939 Bug: DBUS maximum number of active connections reached
CORE-4946 Bug: Redis sessions are not persistent if redis package is updated
CORE-4948 Bug: Editing network awareness settings from GUI overrides ZONES

Core EMI

CORE-4922 New Feature: Allow customizations of GUI colors and bar logo
CORE-4932 Bug: Some EMI buttons are shown wrongly

Core Menu

CORE-4940 Bug: Drop-down menu's and P&C not customized with color

Core Traffic monitoring

CORE-4956 Task: Configure new Sink URL of netifyd for Network Insight

Core Update procedure

CORE-4885 Improvement: Restart Gunicorn only at the end of the upgrade transition

Frontend base

FE-175 Task: Nuxtjs frontend pages should use colors fetched by API

Frontend design

FE-153 Improvement: Remove warnings in tests and inlcude plugins

Frontend page

FE-160 New Feature: Create new logs frontend
FE-170 Improvement: Add DNS route should be by default enabled
FE-179 Improvement: Network Awareness service status is not visible on Dashboard

OS Buildsystem Tools

EOS-2302 Improvement: Add nsa3150 appliances to 6.x

OS Yocto

EOS-2288 Task: Pin dependencies for unittest correct execution
EOS-2294 Task: Fix unittests

Switchboard API

SB-3503 Bug: Request with Expect header will not complete properly

UTM Enterprise Appliance: Hardware

ENTERPRISE-2695 Improvement: Add nsa7120b appliances to 6.x

UTM Enterprise Network: Wireless

ENTERPRISE-2661 Improvement: upgrade hostapd and wpa_supplicant to 2.10

UTM Enterprise Service: High Availability

ENTERPRISE-2703 Bug: No internet access on slave device when Outgoing firewall is disabled

UTM Enterprise User Interface

ENTERPRISE-2692 Bug: DHCP server configuration closing left navigation menu when clicked
ENTERPRISE-2693 Bug: Clicking on Management interface certificate will point to Your Network on the Menu
ENTERPRISE-2697 Bug: Management interface certificate will not save the changes while using an existing certificate

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