Switchboard Changelog For Version 6.2.2 - 2022-03-30

Aggregated changelog: 20220328180346

Product Machine Version
switchboard-macro-scb1721 scb1721 6.2.2
switchboard-virtual-x64 softwarex86-64 6.2.2

OS Yocto

EOS-2144 Task: Frontend packages must be build with fixed versioned dependencies
EOS-2163 Task: Add frontend repositories to manifest with latest updates

Switchboard API

SB-3411 New Feature: Add new API access.client.getUser
SB-3413 Bug: user_password_first_access_change is always true

Switchboard Applications

SB-3382 Improvement: Add Portal websocket support
SB-3399 Bug: Wrong %DEVICE_IP% variable resolution when a path is present in Application URL
SB-3419 Bug: App not starting correctly the first time with connect app v6
SB-3436 Bug: Direct access not working correctly for ssh app

Switchboard Connect Web: RDP/VNC/SSH/TELNET

SB-3405 Bug: "The user is already connected" error with Direct Access to an endpoint and page refresh

Switchboard Connection management

SB-3393 Bug: Direct Access: cannot use Windows custom application

Switchboard Device management

SB-3422 Bug: Virtual IP collision for new endpoints

Switchboard GUI

SB-3369 Bug: Remove additional unquote from username and password in SB login form

Switchboard Permissions

SB-3391 Bug: auth_cache not properly updated when updating / deleting user groups

Switchboard Portal

SB-3329 Improvement: Correctly handle HTTP headers as X-Cert-Common-Name for client authentication with certificates
SB-3432 Bug: Analytics iframe is truncated

UTM Enterprise Service: High Availability

ENTERPRISE-2592 Improvement: Node count on HA page is misleading

Product Machine Version
4i-edge-x fws2275 6.2.2
switchboard-macro-scb1721 scb1721 6.2.2
switchboard-virtual-x64 softwarex86-64 6.2.2

Core Authentication layer

CORE-4744 Improvement: Create authentication layer async client
CORE-4745 Bug: Non-standard GUI users cannot login to management interface

Core Base system

CORE-4715 Bug: API: apiserver app list doesn't work
CORE-4723 Improvement: change gunicorn port to a non-common one
CORE-4736 Task: Create a controller to expose OpenAPI of emi commands
CORE-4742 Task: Use eos.apps as a namespace for EOS apps
CORE-4751 Bug: eos-api requires restart of httpd in postinst

Core EMI

CORE-4709 Improvement: emi thread dies without informations

Core Firewall

CORE-4699 Improvement: vpnfwdst chain is populated also if not used
CORE-4733 Task: Revert Priority for policy routing rules is not respected between fwmark and src-dst rules
CORE-4749 Bug: Docker input firewall must consider published port

Core Network configuration

CORE-4721 Bug: docker0 bridge is missing after upgrade

Core Traffic monitoring

CORE-4766 Bug: Fix netifyd recipes

Hotspot Login portal

HOTSPOT-943 Bug: Renewal of the certificate

OS Yocto

EOS-2168 Improvement: Fix warning on polkit recipe
EOS-2179 New Feature: Create Mini (2022 Edition) product

Security Base System

SEC-101 Task: CVE 2022-0778
SEC-98 Bug: CVE-2021-4034 pkexec: local privilege escalation

Switchboard API

SB-3424 Task: Fastapi documentation must be exposed for admin user
SB-3438 Task: Remove test and not useful API from openAPI

Switchboard GUI

SB-3034 Bug: Cannot select OpenVPN and L2TP as sources in dockerinfw

Switchboard Portal

SB-3417 Bug: Copyright symbol in portal footer should be stored unescaped

UTM Certificate Management

UTM-2775 Bug: Expired Letsencrypt R3 CA will break letsencrypt SSL connectivity on the affected system

UTM Enterprise API

ENTERPRISE-2581 New Feature: Fix licenses and cleanup of FastAPI source code

UTM Enterprise Monitoring, Reporting

ENTERPRISE-2565 New Feature: Package eos-app-netawareness


UTM-2852 Bug: New HTTP and SMTP proxy pages unreachable from Switchboard portal

UTM Service: DHCP

UTM-2856 Task: DHCP server: Duplicated WINS fields in UI


UTM-2823 Bug: Potential deadlock on VPN disconnect

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