Switchboard Changelog For Version 6.2.0 - 2022-01-12

Aggregated changelog: 20211219190106

Product Machine Version
switchboard-macro-scb1721 scb1721 6.2.0


EOS-1976 Improvement: Enable Mercury 100 LCD

OS Yocto

EOS-551 Bug: x86: missing lcm kernel driver
EOS-610 Bug: Fix kernel lcm KERNEL_VERSION on recipe

UTM Enterprise Appliance: Hardware

ENTERPRISE-2111 Improvement: Create new macro 250/500 appliance recipes
ENTERPRISE-2291 Task: Define switchboard macro products
ENTERPRISE-2393 Improvement: Add LCD module support for Macro Plus

Product Machine Version
switchboard-macro-scb1721 scb1721 6.2.0
switchboard-virtual-x64 softwarex86-64 6.2.0

Switchboard API

SB-3174 Task: Create a fastapi api to map current emi login and logout methods
SB-3189 Task: Add missing unittest covering message update case
SB-3230 Bug: Fix messaging center api and create further unit tests
SB-3243 Task: Make automatic doc accessible only via settings option
SB-3252 Bug: Limit message creation only to allowed organizations
SB-3262 Bug: Allow message acknowledge by admin user
SB-3271 Improvement: cache en-visit access on switchboard app
SB-3274 Bug: Fix Message levels
SB-3279 Task: Temporarily disable switchboard api access to redis cache
SB-3284 Task: move messaging center API to v1

Switchboard Applications

SB-3335 Bug: SSH guacamole no longer working for endpoints with OpenSSH => 8.2 default configuration

Switchboard Database

SB-3255 Task: Improve audit_log implementation for messaging center

Switchboard GUI

SB-3325 Bug: Messaging Center Scheduled Visibility multiple issues
SB-3349 Improvement: eos-ui-app-sb last fixes pre-release 6.2.0

Switchboard Messaging center

SB-3323 Bug: Messaging Center menu not visible unless the user has full permissions
SB-3344 Bug: Cannot login into portal if user is redirected to Messaging Center standalone page after a soft lockout and while en-visit is still valid

Switchboard Settings

SB-3319 Bug: Restore XMLRPCClient import in switchboard settings controller

Switchboard User management

SB-3342 Bug: improve Switchboard authentication provider performance listing users

UTM Enterprise License

ENTERPRISE-1991 Improvement: Update address inside license agreement

UTM Enterprise Service: High Availability

ENTERPRISE-2501 Bug: HA remove node shouldn't display 'even if unreachable' for itself.

Product Machine Version
4i-edge-x fws2275 6.2.0
switchboard-macro-scb1721 scb1721 6.2.0
switchboard-virtual-x64 softwarex86-64 6.2.0

Core Backup

CORE-3786 Bug: Large backups cannot be downloaded on 32bit appliances

Core Base system

CORE-1797 Task: Optimize firewall restart criteria on boot
CORE-2624 Improvement: Yocto 2.4: redis permission denied on /var/log/redis
CORE-3041 Improvement: Cleanup config files at startup
CORE-3058 Improvement: Rework timers and units
CORE-3087 Improvement: remove pkg_resources namespace declaring
CORE-3112 New Feature: remove VERSION from source makefile
CORE-4347 Improvement: Upgrade python3 to 3.7.9
CORE-4447 Task: Update python uvicorn to 0.13.1
CORE-4476 Task: Move python3 datasource in eos.core module
CORE-4488 Bug: Missing file in python3 core package
CORE-4491 New Feature: Create a datasource_apply script and document it.
CORE-4526 Improvement: Fix logging of gunicorn daemon
CORE-4543 Improvement: New Webconsole
CORE-4568 Task: Package redis configuration for emi visits caching
CORE-4576 Bug: Fix redis tmpfiles creation
CORE-4584 Improvement: Multiple Zones support
CORE-4613 New Feature: Define Base services and models for API
CORE-4616 New Feature: Create YAML backend for API
CORE-4625 Bug: Fix python3 DataSource path usage in configfiles
CORE-4637 Bug: Missing makefile in eos-app-network
CORE-4642 New Feature: Web login
CORE-4648 Improvement: Web Login fix logos and backrounds
CORE-4654 Bug: Missing dependency in eos-api
CORE-4670 Task: Migrate efw-redirect from DataSource to SettingsFile
CORE-4674 Improvement: Create python3 async DBusService
CORE-4680 Task: Implement query usage on YAMLEngine for new API backend
CORE-4687 Bug: python-certifi should read system CA bundle

Core EMI

CORE-4516 Improvement: Update redis and python-redis
CORE-4599 Improvement: Remove visit debug log from emi
CORE-4602 Bug: redis cache for emi doesn't start at first boot
CORE-4644 Bug: If OpenVPN server instance "bridged" checkbox is unchecked it cannot be checked
CORE-4659 Bug: Basic auth comes back randomly if license is not accepted and if discarded it completely blocks access to the management interface

Core Firewall

CORE-4537 New Feature: Geoip based firewall rules
CORE-4592 Bug: Typo in filename of /run/ip6tables_state
CORE-4594 Bug: Firewall rules are not applied in many circumstances if ipset is used

Core License

CORE-4668 Bug: Unaccepted license cause redirection loop

Core Logging & Monitoring

CORE-4640 Bug: Warning syslog-ng configuration file format is too old

Core Network configuration

CORE-4581 Bug: Priority for policy routing rules is not respected between fwmark and src-dst rules
CORE-4634 New Feature: Create network API to retrieve configured zone
CORE-4661 Bug: NetWizard configures in datasource all bridges also for custom zones

Core Traffic monitoring

CORE-4610 Improvement: Improve restart script of network-awareness
CORE-4691 Task: Add export_json option to netifyd

Core Web server

CORE-4665 Improvement: Return correct mime type for .vue files

Frontend framework

FE-15 Task: Notification center backporting for eos-6.0


EOS-2079 Task: Add missing python namespace info

OS Buildsystem Tools

EOS-1765 Improvement: add pytest and some plugins in devtools

OS Installer

EOS-2126 Improvement: Add UEFI support for the EOS installer

OS Yocto

EOS-1176 Task: Review postinst management with sub-vars
EOS-1235 Improvement: Cleanup packages for meta-endian recipes
EOS-1308 Task: Use external license file
EOS-1339 Task: Apply recipe patches in meta-endian layer
EOS-1364 Epic: Upgrade yocto to 2.2
EOS-1401 Task: Apply meta-endian patches to sources
EOS-1545 Improvement: Re-enable static python
EOS-1609 New Feature: Evaluate impact of upgrading master to yocto 2.5 (sumo) release
EOS-1624 Task: Cleanup initscripts and monit
EOS-1632 Improvement: Optimize rpm scriptlets using transactions
EOS-1710 Improvement: Move /var/run files into /run
EOS-1812 Task: Align to latest yocto thud commits
EOS-1941 New Feature: Create OTSB product
EOS-1988 Task: Add FastAPI and dependencies to devtools
EOS-1991 Task: update setuptools-scm package
EOS-2002 Improvement: Add recipes for python3 package development
EOS-2023 Task: Create a core FastApi capable of loading app routers dynamically
EOS-2028 Task: Fix tox environment to locally run fastapi server
EOS-2053 Task: Create Mercury 2021 model
EOS-2062 Task: Create deepdiff recipe
EOS-2085 Task: Create aiocache recipe
EOS-2113 Task: aiocache cannot use redis cache on unix socket
EOS-2122 Bug: missing dependency from python3-pyyaml in eos-core
EOS-826 Task: Move recipes PV to 5.0.1

Security Base System

SEC-88 Improvement: Upgrade OpenVPN to 2.4.11
SEC-94 Bug: CVE-2021-40438 Apache mod_proxy vulnerability

Switchboard API

SB-3168 Bug: Message update fails with internal server error
SB-3221 New Feature: Apache configuration to reach gunicorn
SB-3268 Task: Update odmantic, fastapi, pydantic

Switchboard Appliance Packages

SB-3124 Task: Create efw3-switchboard package

Switchboard GUI

SB-3334 Bug: Messaging Center not displayed correctly through port 10443

Switchboard Portal

SB-3332 Bug: New cookie based authentication broke switchboard pages on the management interface on port 10443

Switchboard Provisioning

SB-3347 Bug: Provisioning an EOS6 appliance creates all bridge interfaces also for unused zones

UTM Certificate Management

UTM-2805 Task: updates ca-certificates package to 20211016

UTM Enterprise API

ENTERPRISE-2427 Improvement: Add redis capability to listen on unixsock

UTM Enterprise Appliance: Hardware

ENTERPRISE-2494 New Feature: Create Macro 2021 Edition
ENTERPRISE-2543 Improvement: 6.x closed beta misc fixes - 3

UTM Enterprise Appliance: Software

ENTERPRISE-2518 Bug: Missing wizard and menu images for virtual and software

UTM Enterprise Appliance: Virtual

ENTERPRISE-2536 Improvement: 6.x closed beta misc fixes
ENTERPRISE-2540 Improvement: 6.x closed beta misc fixes - 2

UTM Enterprise Authentication layer: Enterprise

ENTERPRISE-2144 Bug: Quotation marks are not supported in the password authentication for LDAP

UTM Enterprise Endian Network

ENTERPRISE-2515 Improvement: Double logs for some services in journald

UTM Enterprise Monitoring, Reporting

ENTERPRISE-2564 Improvement: Upgrade netifyd to 3.10
EOS-1414 Task: Create Redis job

UTM Enterprise Provisioning

ENTERPRISE-2487 Task: Allow provisioning of multiple IP addresses for GREEN, ORANGE, BLUE zones

UTM Enterprise Service: High Availability

ENTERPRISE-2465 Bug: DHCP server does not start on HA
ENTERPRISE-2499 Bug: The root password is printed plaintext in the journal when a new HA node is added to the cluster

UTM Enterprise User Interface

ENTERPRISE-2522 Bug: Removing backup uplinks is not intuitive in GUI
ENTERPRISE-2556 Bug: UI - New frontend HTML pages are cached and they include assets having a pseudo-randomly generated name that results in an error if they get renamed


UTM-2529 Task: Define HTTP Proxy openAPI
UTM-2608 Improvement: Add missing routes to HTTP proxy API
UTM-2620 Task: Create new pages for HTTP and SMTP proxy
UTM-2629 Bug: list fields contains invalid empty string if datasource value is not set
UTM-2632 Bug: HTTP Proxy must start on all existing zones
UTM-2636 Task: Add cookie-authentication dependency to proxy API
UTM-2642 Bug: API datasource backend writes csv and yaml as root
UTM-2657 Bug: HTTP Proxy transparent local routes and rules are not created
UTM-2673 Bug: strictly use on/off for boolean storage of API fields
UTM-2694 Bug: Misc fixes for new HTTP proxy API
UTM-2703 Bug: Position of the new GUI iframe in mobile view is skewed
UTM-2758 Improvement: Authenticate API docs
UTM-2780 Bug: Syntax definition needs to be refined in multiple places on HTTP Proxy UI
UTM-2782 Task: Define and implement new backend API for changing the order of a list of Access Policy rules in HTTP proxy


UTM-2576 New Feature: Define SMTP proxy openAPI
UTM-2587 Improvement: Improve field names in openAPI models
UTM-2590 Improvement: Move RBL to csv format and create API to read them
UTM-2593 New Feature: Create API to fetch if SMTP proxy config is changed and apply it
UTM-2691 Bug: Fix PlainFile ownership on API write

UTM Service: DHCP

UTM-2653 Bug: dhcprelay Append agent option fields not interactable


UTM-2659 Bug: The emi-select field to choose the ipsec authentication type is covered by the next form field and cannot be selected with the mouse


UTM-2537 Task: Implement explicit-exit-notify

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