Endian Switchboard 6.2.0 Release Notes



The Endian Switchboard 6.2.0 release adds a major new communications feature to the platform with the all new Messaging Center.  Now you can communicate important information to your Switchboard user base using a variety of messaging notifications completely customized to fit your company requirements.  In addition, the Endian Switchboard 6.2.0 release provides numerous other new features and improvements to the previous version.



  • Messaging Center
  • Firewall Improvements


Messaging Center

Using the all new Messaging Center, you can now easily communicate different types of messages to your Switchboard users using a variety of notification options.  This includes standard messaging tools like banner or standard notifications that will appear to the user until they dismiss.  In addition, you can now create and enforce user acceptance of company policies and requirements using our agreement notification tool which will be shown prior to the user being able to access the Switchboard (preventing access to system until acceptance).






Firewall Improvements

We've made major changes to the entire firewall architecture to dramatically reduce rule creation and/or modification.  In addition to supporting creating and managing network objects through the firewall components we've also added the capability to filter traffic by geographic location (GeoIP) which enables users to easily allow or block traffic from various countries.




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