Switchboard Changelog For Version 6.1.3 - 2021-05-05

Aggregated changelog: 20210504080522

Product Machine Version
switchboard-macro-scb1721 scb1721 6.1.3
switchboard-virtual-x64 softwarex86-64 6.1.3

Core Documentation

CORE-4503 Task: Fix documentation errors

Switchboard API

SB-3118 New Feature: Add new Manage messages permission
SB-3174 Task: Create a fastapi api to map current emi login and logout methods
SB-3213 Bug: Gateway username (or combined with organization) can be longer than 64 characters
SB-3221 New Feature: Apache configuration to reach gunicorn
SB-3225 Bug: Adjust reverse proxy rule to reach gunicorn through SB portal

Switchboard Connection management

SB-3185 Bug: Typo on vpn_pushed_networks function

Switchboard Dashboard

SB-3171 Bug: Switchboard dashboard shows wrong version information

Switchboard GUI

SB-3112 Improvement: The virtual IP info text should be hidden when there is no virtual IP
SB-3153 Bug: Change vertical-align to middle in k-icon for Dashboard
SB-3235 Bug: Add bridge uplink mode in switchboard provisioning

Switchboard Portal

SB-3114 Bug: Connect App with new Webengine browser is seen as an old client

Product Machine Version
4i-edge-x fws2275 6.1.3
switchboard-macro-scb1721 scb1721 6.1.3
switchboard-virtual-x64 softwarex86-64 6.1.3

Core Backup

CORE-4018 Bug: Factory default does not reset hostname
CORE-4509 Bug: Scheduled automatic backup timer not saved after reboot

Core Base system

CORE-1309 Task: Enable OpenSSH by default
CORE-1388 Task: Add reboot and shutdown functions in job base
CORE-1800 Bug: No monit socket before first netwizard
CORE-2019 Task: Do not delete the wtmp file on reboot
CORE-3013 Improvement: Prevent system reboot during system upgrade
CORE-3024 Improvement: Remove modules job
CORE-3034 Improvement: yocto 2.5: Convert timers (phase 2)
CORE-3041 Improvement: Cleanup config files at startup
CORE-3072 Improvement: refactor cleanup scripts
CORE-3087 Improvement: remove pkg_resources namespace declaring
CORE-3112 New Feature: remove VERSION from source makefile
CORE-3465 Improvement: Implement led/beep server
CORE-3874 Improvement: Review 4i-edge-x LEDS behaviour
CORE-3897 Task: Remove redundant implementation of XMLRPCClient
CORE-4484 Bug: show status command shows wrong version
CORE-4499 Improvement: Fix python modules permissions

Core EMI

CORE-2071 Improvement: Start emi/acpid/ulog before the netwizard

Core Kernel

CORE-3482 Improvement: Create a new systemd unit to sync kernel timezone

Core Logging & Monitoring

CORE-3043 Improvement: Refactor logrotate

Core System status

CORE-2579 Task: Create Services Status page

Core Traffic monitoring

CORE-4531 New Feature: Create efw-network-awareness package

Management Center Client

EMC-298 Bug: recognizer is not restarted unless forced


EOS-2057 New Feature: Finalize OTSB Product

OS Yocto

EOS-1176 Task: Review postinst management with sub-vars
EOS-1235 Improvement: Cleanup packages for meta-endian recipes
EOS-1308 Task: Use external license file
EOS-1364 Epic: Upgrade yocto to 2.2
EOS-1399 Task: Uniform PR usage
EOS-1452 Task: Cleanup monit residue
EOS-1579 Task: Code cleanup
EOS-1632 Improvement: Optimize rpm scriptlets using transactions
EOS-1706 Task: Remove monit file in sources
EOS-1724 Task: Fix QA errors on sources and update file headers
EOS-1812 Task: Align to latest yocto thud commits
EOS-1897 Bug: All VPN traffic blocked during authentication
EOS-1906 Task: Cleanup legacy csv tests
EOS-2091 Task: Bump appliance package to add dependency on efw-fail2ban
EOS-753 Bug: acpid is stopped after wizard
EOS-826 Task: Move recipes PV to 5.0.1

UTM Configuration

UTM-2478 Improvement: package xtables-addons

UTM Enterprise Authentication layer: Enterprise

ENTERPRISE-2422 Bug: Size limit exceeded on ldap queries

UTM Enterprise Endian Network

ENTERPRISE-2352 Bug: Disabling the support access via GUI does not call clearsupportpasswd
ENTERPRISE-2442 Bug: endian-client dependency on endian-core must be updated

UTM Enterprise License

ENTERPRISE-1991 Improvement: Update address inside license agreement

UTM Enterprise Monitoring, Reporting

ENTERPRISE-2116 Improvement: Introduce netify as devtools optional package
ENTERPRISE-2168 Bug: Snort logs do not show in graphical logs
ENTERPRISE-2300 New Feature: Upgrade netifyd to 3.0.5

UTM Enterprise Service: High Availability

ENTERPRISE-1140 Bug: HA takeover when interzone firewall is modified
ENTERPRISE-2221 Improvement: HA sync is allowed if appliances has the same major version

UTM Proxy: DNS

UTM-2397 Bug: blackhole_httpd_access and blackhole_error_log are not rotated and should be removed

UTM Service: Dynamic DNS

UTM-2461 Bug: Regfish dyndns is not working

UTM Service: Intrusion Prevention

UTM-2301 New Feature: Add Intrusion Detection mode for snort
UTM-2345 Improvement: package Fail2ban


UTM-2442 Bug: OpenVPN server instance GUI allows to define tunnel using TUN device and /30 subnet
UTM-2495 Bug: OpenVPN will try to start also without a certificate ending up in a loop

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