Endian Switchboard 6.0.2 Release Notes



The Endian Switchboard is the heart of the Endian Secure Digital Platform that provides secure remote access to field equipment, data collection and visualization, edge computing and powerful user and device permission management.  The Switchboard can be deployed anywhere (on-premise or cloud) and on any platform (hardware or virtual) and is the only solution to include comprehensive security features throughout the platform.




New User Interface

The new Switchboard 6.0 user interface has been completely redesigned for better usability and performance to match the EndianOS 6.0 platform.  The new design is completely responsive meaning it automatically adjusts to all screen sizes including computer, tablets and mobile platforms which makes it extremely easy to use from anywhere on any device.





Integrated Data Analytics

The new Switchboard 6.0 release will come with the data analytics and visualization components bundled together to make the setup even easier.  This means that once the Switchboard is installed you can immediately start configuring SCADA data collection and the corresponding dashboards to create visualizations to monitor and analyze the data across your business.




New Connect App 

In addition to the new Switchboard 6.0, we’ve also released a new version of the Connect App that includes some major enhancements. Most notably, the integrated (embedded) browser functionality has been removed and the new Connect App now works directly with your web browser in order to facilitate user interactions and application launching. The results is that new Connect App is faster and more secure by eliminating the extra maintenance and incompatibilities of the embedded browser and communicating through the major operating system browsers (e.g. Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox).




New Complete Branding Control 

You now have complete control of the branding of the Switchboard client interfaces including both Connect Web (web portal) and Connect App (software client).  This can be enabled at the global level or customized for each organization (multi-tenant) created on the Switchboard so that businesses can white-label the product and sell as their own or offer the white-labeling as an option to each of the customers.



Improved High Availability

The resilience and redundancy of the new Switchboard is critical to business continuity so we've expanded and improved the high availability.  With Release 6.0 you can now have up to three (3) Switchboards in a high availability cluster which means that even if one unit fails you will still have a pair of Switchboards acting in high availability offering the highest levels of reliability to your business and your customers.  In addition you can now make changes on any Switchboard appliance in the high availability cluster and the changes will automatically be synchronized across all units so this greatly minimizes the risk of errors or downtime due to misconfigurations or system changes.


Stronger Foundation (EndianOS 6.0)

The foundation of Switchboard 6.0 is built using the brand new EndianOS 6.0 which offers unparalleled performance, security and stability.  In addition, the new platform includes advanced features including new initial setup wizard and web management interface (that matches Switchboard 6.0), additional firewall components and capabilities, network interface bonding and much more.



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