How to connect existing Gateway to Endian Management Center

It's possible to add the Gateway already configured on the Switchboard and deployed at the Endian Management center. The procedure require to register a Gateway to Endian Network directly from the Switchboard device page. This can be done directly at the creation of the Gateway or in second time just by editing the Gateway configuration.


  • valid Endian Network credentials
  • valid Activation Code
  • System ID is not configured in the Gateway settings on the Switchboard

Verify that the Endian Network credential are present end correct. You can use the credential for Endian Network at system level (Switchboard > Settings > Provisioning) or at single account level.

For register the device from the Endian web GUI you will need to have the Endian Network credential set at system level. Instead from the switchboard portal you can choose to use the user EN credential, in case those are not set the system will try to use the system general credential.

In order to register the system on Endian Network when a device is created or modify on the Switchbaord, in the provisioning tab select the device Model in the drop down menu and add the Activation Code.


The System ID field must be empty. This field is present in the Provisioning tab under Advanced options.

At this point you just need to press save and the device model will be registered on Endian Network.

Download the provisioning file by clicking on Screenshot_at_2018-11-06_11-55-50.pngin the Device tab:



The downloaded file must be used to provisioning the appliance. This operation can be performed with the following guide.

When using this feature please consider:

  • if you delete a device and re-create it with the same Activation Code it will be register again on Endian Network, with a new SYSID
  • no file are sent to registry with this functionality. The only way to register the physical device is to download the provisioning file and import it manually on the appliance. In case you want to add a new device please consider to use the Plug and Connect functionality in order to simplify and automatize the entire process.
  • the device provisioned with the config file will use the exact Activation Code and SYSID specified during the procedure
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