Configure direct access permission on Switchboard users

The direct access to application is a special permission that can be assigned to a switchboard user. A user with this permission, once is logged in the Switchboard portal, will only have access to a single application and will not be able to use or visualize the Gateways, Endpoint or use other applications.

Warning how to use the feature

    This feature will work only with a Gateway with a single Endpoint and a single application associated. All other configuration of Endpoint/Application may prevent this feature to work correctly.


  • Endian Switchboard module installed and up to date or access to Endian Switchboard on cloud.
  • At least a Gateway with an Endpoint associated

User configuration

Navigate to the page Switchboard > Users and create or edit a user.


In the Permission tab find and activate the permission called "Direct access to application"


The created user will now be able to log in a single application.

Gateway/Endpoint configuration

After configuring the user is now necessary to configure the Gateway or the Endpoint.

Since the user will be using the first application it find on the device we must decide if this first application is on the gateway or on the endpoint.

First create an Application Profile with a single application inside. In our example we select the SSH application but is possible to use any application in the system.


Now edit the gateway properties. Assure that the user with direct access have permission on the gateway:


Then in the Endpoint tab now keep a single endpoint listed and assign the single application profile we create. In case the app must run on the Gateway delete all profile except the one with IP otherwise if the app must run on an Endpoint delete all lines except the selected endpoint.


Reset the OpenVPN connection between the Switchboard and the Gateway by pressing reset required from the Switchboard > Dashboard.


Test connection

Connect to the Switchboard portal and log in.


Then the selected app will be started directly and the user will be only able to use the single application or logout from the Switchboard.



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