Aggregated Changelog for Connect APP 3.21.5

Issue Type Issue key Summary Priority
Bug CONNECT-469 DNS resolution is not working on Windows 10 Critical
Bug CONNECT-504 Login fails in case user belongs to one or more organization Major
Bug CONNECT-495 ConnectApp cannot set routes automatically on MacOS Major
Bug CONNECT-480 Possibility to edit profile while connected with openvpn Major
Bug CONNECT-433 Failure of contiguous routes on Mac OS Major
Bug CONNECT-361 Windows10 not using DNS sent by OpenVPN Server Major
Bug CONNECT-335 Ruotes added to wrong interface Major
Bug CONNECT-308 Routing rules are not removed in some circumstances Major
Bug CONNECT-498 Download CA "cancel" button breaks other buttons functionality Minor
Bug CONNECT-497 Switchboard password change confirmation shown upon login Minor
Bug CONNECT-493 Dashboard refresh loop when refresh button is pressed Minor
Bug CONNECT-492 Proxy settings are ignored for VPN profiles Minor
Bug CONNECT-489 TAP interface not pulled up on some systems Minor
Bug CONNECT-485 App sometimes not showing client IP address Minor
Bug CONNECT-482 ConnectAPP profile is not created with the first program use Minor
Bug CONNECT-481 Connect APP ignores "Remember password" field Minor
Bug CONNECT-428 Agent tabs buttons change dimension on mouse overlay Minor
Bug CONNECT-411 Connect App download corrupted while switching between tabs Minor
Bug CONNECT-368 Background Connect App not closed during uninstall Minor
Bug CONNECT-311 Only Enter key should disconnect at login Minor
Bug CONNECT-220 Inconsistencies in systray items Minor
Bug CONNECT-424 Connect app crashes on clicking settings button after logout Trivial
Bug CONNECT-157 GIF animations not working on Windows XP Trivial
Improvement CONNECT-266 Add the ability to start OpevnVPN connection on user login or computer start Critical
Improvement CONNECT-502 Update name and address inside license agreement for ConnectApp Minor
Improvement CONNECT-476 Pointing hand icon missing on some pushbuttons Minor
Improvement CONNECT-465 Apply Connect App theme to all dialogs Minor
Improvement CONNECT-464 New Organization Icons in the Organization List Minor
Improvement CONNECT-462 Change references to localhost with Minor
Improvement CONNECT-441 Add OTP field Minor
Improvement CONNECT-291 Cannot disconnect client if reconnecting to unreachable server Minor
Improvement CONNECT-197 Show old instance upon launch if already running Minor
Improvement CONNECT-477 Windows: remove unused context help icon in profiles dialog Trivial
Improvement CONNECT-402 Allow . in profile names so that a domain can be used as mnemonic name Trivial
Improvement CONNECT-388 Organizations list should be integrated in login flows Trivial
Improvement CONNECT-278 Filter server address for IPv4 and domain name Trivial
Improvement CONNECT-277 Add a feature to make profile duplication possible Trivial
New Feature CONNECT-269 Add the possibility to select a vpn profile from trayicon Major
New Feature CONNECT-486 Support for new user password at login Minor
Task CONNECT-466 Disable Repair feature on Windows Minor


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