SmartConnect auto-registration through email

Applies to platform: Hotspot 3.2
Last updated: 29th September 2016

This screencast shows how to enable the SmartConnect feature on your Endian Hotspot, to allow user to self register an account and receive the access credentials via email.

For a successful completion of the feature, you need to have already created a rate with these values: free, pre-paid, time-based, and with a validity from ticket creation, like in the picture below. Note that it should not be enabled for SmartConnect.

In details you will learn:

  • How to enable and configure the SmartConnect feature.
  • Select the fields that the user must or should fill in at the registration time.
  • How to configure the SMTP Proxy service to be able to send the user credentials by email.
  • How a user can register an account on the hotspot using SmartConnect.
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    Note : if you have the full SMTP proxy module (not only the smarthost as shown in the video), Reject unknown recipient domain should be disabled, otherwise the system will reject the emails.
    "Recipient address rejected: unverified address: lost connection with"