New functionality: Endian Social Enabler

How to configure the Social Enabler, Endian hotspot's integration with social networks

Users will be allowed to carry out an action (to share a post, to mention a tweet, to like, et cetera) on one of the social networks configured on the Endian Hotspot.

Currently only available for the UTM 3.2 version and the Hotspot Only products, its documentation and configuration instructions can be found HERE.

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    DT Network

    i like!

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    Name not relevant

    I do not like.
    Who in their right mind would trust a security product that endorses and CAUSES social media integration, tracking, and quite possibly cross-site scripting/forgery attacks and other data leakage based on such bad ideas? Who thinks it's a good idea to have users sending spam and looking like their accounts have been compromised by malicious ads because someone thought it was a great feature idea? Who likes having content locked behind pay walls, advertising traps, and coercing people into sending spam or giving out their contact list? People on the victims' and ethics side should not be saying "yes, me" to any of those.