Mini repair tool - Mini ARM NAND Recovery

Versions 2.5 & 3.0

Applies to platform: Mini ARM NAND ECC
Updated on: 16 Jul 2014


The tool should be used only on the Mini ARM with the new NAND ECC and only when the Mini ARM doesn't power on (all led off when you plug the AC Adapter)


- A Windows or Linux PC

- USB <-> Serial Adapter or a integrated Serial Port on the PC

- Serial Console cable

Detailed steps

- Disconnect the Mini ARM from the AC Adapter

- Connect the Serial Console cable to the Mini ARM and the PC

- Download and Execute the MiniRepairTool from the Download section of Endian Network

- When the program is open, please select the right Serial Console Port and then click on "Start"

- Click OK on the pop-up and then power on the Mini ARM

- The tool will start to recover the Mini ARM U-Boot



Download link

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