Migration to version 3.0 via Image Installation - Disaster recovery 3.0 (x86/Intel)

Versions 2.5 & 3.0

Applies to platform: UTM 2.5 (when used as migration procedure to 3.0), UTM 3.0 (when used as recovery key for 3.0 appliances).
Updated on: 30th of June 2014

This lesson guides you through the process of upgrading your Endian UTM or 4i Edge x86/Intel Appliance from the 2.5.X to the 3.0 version. It also represents a guide to the disaster recovery for Endian 3.0 Appliances, both UTM and 4i Edge. For this procedure to be successful, you must have physical access to your Endian Appliance and have a bootable USB stick with an Endian image correspondent to your Appliance.

Please read this article for directions on how to create such a USB stick.

Before starting the procedure, read carefully all this document!


Starting with version 3.0, the disaster recovery procedure and one of the two available upgrade procedure from the 2.5.X to the 3.0 version of the Endian Appliances coincide, as they both require a new installation using an USB stick with an installation image.

Before starting the procedure, make sure:

  1. To read carefully all this document.
  2. To verify that your system is eligible for upgrade and satisfies the hardware requirements as described in this document, which also briefly outlines the changes relevant to the upgrade.
  3. To have a full backup of the configuration of your Endian Appliance on an USB stick.

This migration procedure to version 3.0 presents significant changes compared to the previous. While it is possible to update your system to the 3.0 directly from Endian Network (see this how-to), using a procedure similar to the old 2.4 to 2.5 upgrade, due to changes in the setup of the Endian UTM Appliances, it is suggested to use the one described below.

Indeed, there have been changes in the basic setup of the Endian Appliances that suggest that the upgrade to the 3.0 version be carried out in three steps. The main reason for using this strategy is that the partitions' geometry on disk has changed: the swap, /var, and /var/log partitions have now increased size and the disk setup needs to be changed accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • My system has custom modifications. How will they be migrated?
    If your system has modifications that have been authorized or made by Endian, please open a support ticket with Endian and let us know about your customization so we can help you to get your system upgraded.
  • How to handle a system with a version older than 2.5?
    A system can be upgraded only to the next version, so a 2.4 system can be updated to 2.5. It is not possible to upgrade from a 2.4 system directly to 3.0: To do so, you must first upgrade to 2.5, then to 3.0.

Warning: HA & Hotspot

If you have a pair of Endian devices configured in High Availability (HA), please do NOT perform the upgrade yourself and instead open a ticket with Endian support for assistance in migrating your appliances.
If you have hotspots configured as Master and Satellites, it is mandatory that all the systems run the same software version and therefore be migrated at the same time. If you have such a setup, it is suggested to open a ticket with Endian support for directions.

How the Migration and Disaster Recovery procedures work

The procedure is divided in three steps. The first and second are the same for both Migration and disaster recovery, while the third step is slightly different.

Step 1: Installation from scratch using a USB stick with a suitable 3.0 image. 
  • Plug in the booting USB stick into the Appliance
  • Start the appliance and install the system. Before the system starts the installation, you will hear 10 quick, short "beeps" followed by a long one: this is the countdown that precedes the installation.
  • Wait for the installation to complete, which is suggested by three quick beeps followed by a longer one.
  • When the Appliance reboots, remove the USB stick
Step 2: Restore a backup on the Appliance.
  • Plug in the USB stick with the full backup into the Appliance.
  • When asked to restore the backup, select Yes from the drop-down menu and follow the instruction.


If you do not restore a backup, you have to register again your Endian Appliance to Endian Network.
  •  Carefully verify that all your settings have been restored correctly.
Step 3 - Migration: Endian Network set up.
  • Log in to Endian Network
  • Verify that your Appliance is online on Endian Network
  • Click on the "Upgrade to 3.0" button. By doing so, EN will trigger a check for available upgrades to packages, install them, and finally reboot your Appliance.
  • Make sure that your optional channels are also present. Remember that they have been reorganised, see the getting started document.

Step 3 - Disaster Recovery: Endian Network set up.

  • Log in to Endian Network
  • Verify that your Appliance is online and synchronised to Endian Network
  • Check whether updated packages are available and install them.
  • Your Appliance will reboot afterwards.

What Should I do If Something Goes Wrong?

After the upgrade, please check if the system is running as expected. If the process has not completed successfully, read the troubleshooting guide for the upgrade process. There you will find information and commands that you can use to resolve any issue that should arise during or after the upgrade process.

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