How to reset Mini's SD card

Versions: 2.5, 3.0

Applies to: Mini ARM All
Updated on: 3rd of May 2012

This article explains how to force the Endian UTM Appliance to recreate the partition table and filesystems on the SD card.


All the data on the SD card will be lost! This procedure will bring the Endian UTM Appliance back to a factory default state, only the root password won't be restored to default.
Make sure to have a full backup before proceed.

At the boot stage the Endian UTM Appliance looks for a specific label in the SD card partition table. If there is no match, the SD card will be initialized, setting up newly formatted partitions and creating the required files and folders.

In order to let the Endian UTM Appliance initialize again the SD card you should just have to remove the partition table. Every tool that does this job works fine, the two most common ways being:

  1. Using the Endian UTM Appliance itself
  2. Using a different PC capable of reading SD card

Due to the process of SD card re-initialization, the first boot may require 4-5 minutes before completion.

Delete the partition table from Endian CLI

You can perform this operation from the web console as well from the SSH, but probably the best option to follow safely the process is via serial console.

The dd command sets to "zero" the first part of the physical device where the partition table is stored:

root@endian:~ # dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=512 count=1

If you prefer to completely wipe the SD card you can just run dd command without bs and count option: The whole device's sectors will be set to zero, until you get a no space left on device error.

root@endian:~ # dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mmcblk0
dd: writing `/dev/mmcblk0': No space left on device
7744513+0 records in
7744512+0 records out
3965190144 bytes (4.0 GB) copied, 958.519 seconds, 4.1 MB/s
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