SD Card Replacement

Versions 2.5 & 3.0

Applies to platform: Mini ARM
Last updated: 26th September 2012

This lesson guides you through all the necessary operations to replace a SD card, keeping all the existing settings.

Preliminary Steps: Settings Backup and Removal of Defective SD Card

With the aim of providing a more effective way to recover the settings of your Mini ARM, Endian recently modified the automatic storage and backup of the settings that are usually stored on the SD card (See here for more details). In case of SD card replacement, it will therefore be easier and quicker to recover and bring your Endian UTM Appliance back to work.

Before actually replacing the SD card, these are the steps to carry out.

  1. Upgrade all the packages Endian UTM appliance to the latest version. This is not mandatory, but strongly suggested.
  2. Wait 6 to 8 hours to allow the synchronisation of the data on the SD card to the NAND internal memory (settings will be saved under the /usr/lib/efw_backup directory).
  3. If you prefer to proceed straight to the replacement of the SD card, you can use the script from the console, reachable via SSH or via serial console. Access  via serial console is described in this lesson.
  4. After the synchronisation has completed, you can turn off your Mini ARM.
  5. After the Mini ARM has turned off, you can eject the SD card from the left-hand side of the appliance.


The script will not copy the log files, only the settings under the /var/efw directory, so if you need to save theme, either copy them manually or make a backup from Menubar > System > Backup.

Replacement of SD Card and Restart

To complete the replacement process, insert the new SD card, then turn the Mini ARM on and wait for the boot to complete. The system recognises that there is a new SD card and will start the recovery process: The SD card will be formatted, the directory's tree recreated, and finally the old setting copied from the internal NAND to the SD card. This is a quite long process and can take up to 20 minutes, but as soon as you can reach the console menu or the Web GUI, the Mini ARM will have completely recovered and can be used exactly like before.

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