How to connect my Endian Security Gateway

This webinar describes how to connect an Endian UTM hardware Appliance, from pulling it out the box and connecting the cables to turning it on and to the connection modalities to the appliance.

The first part describes:

  • The box content.
  • Possibilities to access the appliance (Web interface, SSH, serial console).
  • The GREEN zone.
  • Set up of a local workstation to connect to the appliance.

The second part concerns the first connection to the Endian UTM Appliance. In more detail, this is the content of this second part:

  • Connection via SSH and serial console using Putty.
  • First steps on the Endian CLI.
  • Allow SSH access from the GUI.
  • Use of ifplugstatus command to see which ethernet ports are connected (useful especially for software appliances).


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