Setting up your Endian Security Gateway

This webinar describes how to set up an Endian UTM Appliance, be it a software, virtual, or hardware one. The two parts in which this webinar is divided can be considered as a "Endian Network 101" Course.

The first part guides you in the initial configuration of the Endian UTM firewall, introducing  and detailing the following topics:

  •  The zones in an Endian UTM Appliance.
  • Connection to the local network and from a local workstation to the Endian UTM Appliance via HTTPS.
  • Quick intro into basic services provided: NTP, backup functionalities.
  • Basic configuration: admin and root passwords, network setup wizard.

The second part resumes  where the first one ended, i.e., at the end of the network setup wizard, and describes in details the further steps needed to complete the initial configuration of an Endian UTM Appliance. The topics covered are:

  • Registration of the Appliance to Endian Network.
  • Description of the Endian Dashboard.
  • Change of the IP addresses from the GUI.
  • Introduction to the different network access modalitites
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