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What is the Endian default password?

How can I...

...connect using the serial console

...block facebook and other sites that use ssl?

...set up port forwarding to an internal server?

...block specific services?

...change the green ip address from console? minor updates?

...recover a lost password? (x86) (arm)

...set up a site to site vpn with OpenVPN?

...set up a site to site vpn with a third party device?

...join Endian to a Windows domain?

...enable spam filter for an internal mail server?

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    subhasish sarkar

    Dear Experts, 

    I have L3 switch and configuring multiple VLANs. all Vlans are connected in to different unmanaged access switch. Physically I have connected 1port to Green Nic card and Red is for WAN connected to WAN router. Now, If I want my all Vlans(10.0.1.x/2.x/3.x/4.x/5.x) can go via Green eth0 all internet traffic. How can I accomplish this goal via edian???? Appreciate your help in advanced. More details about setup as follow....


    1. Multiple Vlans can go to internet via Endian proxy

    2. Multiple Vlans internet traffic Can restrict via Endian Proxy

    3. Multiplle Vlans Internet traffic can be Manage /filter via Endian proxy 


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    Endian Support Team

    Dear user,

    for any support request, please open a ticket using your Activation Code or refer to your local partner.


    Thank you,

    Endian Support Team