How to setup a 3G uplink (UMTS/HSDPA)

Version 2.5 Versions 3.0 & 5.0

Applies to Platform: UTM 2.5, 4i Edge 2.5
Last Updated: 07 May 2014

Applies to Platform: UTM 3.0, 4i Edge 3.0, UTM 5.0, 4i Edge 5.0
Last Updated: 07 May 2014

This lesson will illustrate the necessary steps to configure a Internet 3G uplink on a typical Endian UTM Appliance.


  • Endian UTM Appliance
  • 3G UMTS/HDSPA USB modem


Remember to disable the SIM card PIN, otherwise the 3G uplink could not be used by your Endian UTM Appliance

Create an Uplink

To create an additional uplink, go to Network > Interfaces > Uplink editor and click on Create an Uplink. The following page will open, where you can enter all the information needed to set up a new 3G uplink connection.

Uplink-3G-2.png umts-3g.png

These are the mandatory steps to carry out for setting up the uplink:

  1. Insert an uplink description for example "Backup 3G".
  2. Select the type of uplink, in this case Analog/UMTS modem.
  3. Select the Serial/USB Port, which is usually USB Port 0 or Serial Port 0.
  4. Select the Modem type UMTS/HSDPA, and leave baud rate to default.
  5. Insert the Access Point Name (APN), like e.g., apn.yourisp.
  6. If required (depending on your ISP's settings), provide the Username and Password.

Before clicking on Create Uplink to finalise the uplink creation, you can set up some more option:

  1. Select the additional options for the uplink, selecting one or more of the 3 checkboxes.

  2. If you have defined other uplink(s), you can select one of them as fallback in case this fails
  3.  Activate real-time Internet availability checking by selecting Check if these hosts are reachable and then provide some public and reliable (always responsive) IP addresses.


You are now done and ready to use your connection.

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