How to configure Endian UTM Appliance to use OpenVPN certificate authentication

Version 2.5

Applies to Platform: UTM 2.5, 4i Edge 2.5
Updated on 13th of August 2013

This lessons illustrates how to configure your Endian UTM Appliance to use OpenVPN certificate authentication.


PC with web access to Endian UTM Appliance.

Endian UTM Appliance Configuration

Login into Endian UTM Appliance from http://<GREENIP>:10443.
Create an openvpn user from VPN > VPN Users > Add new user.
In the name field type John, write twice a password in the tick enabled, tick OpenVPN and press Add button.
Now go to VPN > OpenVPN server > Advanced > Authentication settings choose the option X.509 certificate.


If you want to use a two-factor authentication choose X.509 certificate & PSK (two factor) .

Push browse button and search your EndianUTMAppliance.pkcs12 server certificate (this certificate is generate from the CA Authorithy like explained in this guide) and upload it pushing upload.
Insert a challenge password and press Save and Restart.

Wait a few minutes and in Host Certificate and Ca Certificate you will see something like:

Host certificate:     C=US/ST=NY/L=New York/O=ACME,Inc./CN=endian-firewall/name=endian-firewall/
CA certificate:     C=US/ST=NY/L=New York/O=ACME,Inc./CN=ACME,Inc.CA/

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