EndianOS 6.7.0 Release Notes

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The Endian 6.7.0 release contains major improvements including a Docker upgrade and Python platform upgrade along with important bug and security fixes.

EndianOS UTM, Switchboard & 4i (All Products)

Docker Upgrade

The Docker engine has been upgraded to a newer version which brings a suite of new features and greatly improved performance along with many bug and security fixes as well. This upgrade keeps our platform as a leader in providing modern and powerful edge computing capabilities to all our EndianOS products.

Breaking Change!

Before upgrading, please read the following breaking change associated with this newer Docker version:
docker-compose is the V1 plugin which is deprecated and no longer supported, it will be removed.
The command:
docker compose
is the one provided by the V2 plugin which is the one used in this EndianOS version. It is therefore necessary to migrate to the "docker compose" command to replace the deprecated "docker-compose" (more information on how to perform the migration can be found using the link below):


After completing the 6.7.0 upgrade, a restart of the appliance is necessary to restart all the Docker containers and restart everything correctly in order to preserve compatibility with the new version of Docker.

Python Platform Upgrade

In addition, we've upgraded Python, a core component of our platform. This upgrade provides a major boost to our platform performance (up to 50% or more in many instances). It also enables the rapid modernization of the platform to continue which will provide our users with exciting new features and integrations that are coming in the near future (stay tuned)!

Product News & Notes

  • As Endian solutions are constantly evolving towards more performing and more efficient platforms, we periodically announce End of Sale and End of Life cycles milestones, along with the recommended migration path to the latest generation replacement product. You can check your appliance status by clicking here (or copy and paste this link



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