EndianOS 6.6.0 Release Notes



The Endian 6.6.0 release marks the completion of the EndianOS 6 platform for both UTM and Switchboard products by restoring the Hotspot (UTM) and Management Center (Switchboard).

Endian UTM

Hotspot Now Available!

The Endian UTM Hotspot (captive portal) feature allows users to take control over their BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) networks and provide quick and secure Internet access to guests, customers and employees. Prevent bandwidth abuse and enforce network usage policies through the Endian Hotspot feature. Using Endian Hotspot, you can provide numerous ways for users to connect to your BYOD or guest network(s). From a simple splash page to more advanced user registration methods including SmartConnect and Social Login (Facebook or Google), we've got you covered.

Hotspot Hotspot


Hotspot Included in High Availability

In addition to the Hotspot application, we've also improved the reliability by including the application in the Endian UTM high availability service. This ensures your Hotspot system is always available for your users and guests to enjoy.


Endian Switchboard

The Endian Switchboard orchestration capabilities are complete with the restoration of the Endian Management Center to provide centralized gateway configuration management. This is important for large or growing organizations, as they need a solution to simplify and centralize the deployment of hundreds or thousands of appliances. The Switchboard provides zero touch deployment options and offer centralized appliance management and orchestration tools to fit the needs of both IT and OT. The Switchboard orchestration features now include:

  • Centralized deployment via Plug & Connect using offline (USB) or OTA (over the network)

  • Gateway configuration and lifecycle management

  • Centralized orchestration of gateways, endpoints and beyond


Product News & Notes

  • The stand-alone product Endian Hotspot will not be available on EndianOS 6 and hereby we officially announce the „End of Sales“ of this product. Active Endian Hotspots can still be updated on EndianOS 5.x releases and will get support with a valid maintenance.
  • For the Endian UTM Mini 2022 product, the Hotspot will be available starting from EndianOS 6.6.1

If you would like migrate Endian Hotspot to EndianOS UTM 6.6 please contact for any further information.



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