Switchboard Installation Guide

Applies to platform: Switchboard
Last updated: 5th of May 2017

The Switchboard can be easily installed in four steps, but Two additional modules require to be modified for the Switchboard to correctly work: VPN and Firewall.

Step 1: Install the Endian Switchboard.

This step is the standard installation and configuration of an Endian Appliance, with no particular settings to be defined. Configure the network, the timezone, the host name, the uplinks and so on, like any other Endian appliance.

Step 2. Configure the OpenVPN server

The OpenVPN protocol is used for the communication between the Switchboard and the client, hence the OpenVPN server must be appropriately configured. modifying some settings in the Global settings box under the Server configuration tab, and in two boxes under the Advanced tab. When all the changes in one box are done, save the settings and restart the server by clicking on the Save and restart button.

  1. In the Network Option, choose a routed subnet, that does not conflict with the other defined networks managed by the Endian Appliance. Make sure that there are sufficient IP addresses in the subnet to accommodate the Switchboard‘s endpoints and users and all the other users connecting to the VPN.
  2. In the Advanced Option box, make sure that the option Allow multiple connections from one account is NOT enabled, i.e., the checkboxes must not be ticked. You must also set the Client to client connections option to Filter connections in the VPN Firewall.


When all these changes have been made, save all the settings and restart the service.

Step 3: Enable the VPN firewall

Under the Firewall menu, go to the VPN firewall and make sure that the switch on the left of the Enable VPN firewall label is green: This shows that the firewall is activated. If the switch is gray, click on it to activate it. After a few seconds, the switch’s color will turn green and the list of the VPN firewall rules will appear, if some rule has already been defined.


Step 4. Configure the Endian Switchboard.

The final step. Once all the previous steps have been successfully completed, the Switchboard is ready to be used. Go to the Switchboard menu and create the first user, granting to her/him the superuser permission. To do so, go to Switchboard > Users and click on Add User.

Here, on the User tab enter the following data:

  1. Username: the username that will be used for the connection. It must be a email address.(
  2. Description: An optional description of the user (administrator of the switchboard).
  3. Password: The chosen password, which must be at least eight characters long and contain at least one non-alphanumeric character.

Then go to the Permissions tab and grant the user the Superuser (full control) permission. and click on Add (or on Change if you are modifying an user) to save the data of the new user.


To verify that the user has been created and everything works flawlessly, download and install the client on a workstation and connect to the Switchboard. If the connection can be established, and the log in to the Switchboard is successful, the installation is finished. The Switchboard can be now completely managed from a remote workstation, using the 4i ConnectApp Client.


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