Endian Cloud - Plug & Connect

Valid for: Endian Connect (5.0 or higher), 4i Edge (v5.0.2+ with Plug & Connect), UTM (v5.0.5+), Hotspot (v5.0.5+)
Updated on: November 21 2018


This article will walk a new user through connecting to the Connect Switchboard with the Endian Connect Web (web-based client) and then show the necessary steps to connect an Endian appliance to their account using the Plug & Connect feature.

In order to proceed, you should have the following provided to you from Endian:

  1. User account which includes username and password
  2. Endian Appliance with a valid Activation Code which needs not to be ever used to register the appliance yet
    1. If such Activation Code has been already used to register the associated appliance, you need to open a support ticket and ask to free such Activation Code in order to proceed with Plug&Connect procedure

Connect Web

To begin you will need to login using the Connect Web (web-based client).  Click the URL below to access the Connect Web:

Once there, enter the username and password provided to you by your Endian representative.

Plug & Connect

Server side

Now we can connect the Endian Appliance demo device you received from Endian. To begin, click the Devices tab in the Connect App and once there click the link named Plug & Connect (Autoregistration)


You will see the Plug & Connect wizard which will walk you through the 3 steps to get your device connected:

  1.  Claim your device by entering the activation code
  2.  Provide basic device name and passwords
  3.  Connect device to Internet and power on the unit

When the device is successfully connected to the Switchboard, you will receive a pop-up confirmation (shown below) and you can now either (a) further edit the configuration of the 4i Edge device [for example to create endpoints which can be accessed] or (b) you can connect to the remote device immediately.


Client Side

All Endian appliance with Endian OS version 5.0.5+ can be connected to the Switchboard thought plug and connect. In order to connect the appliance to the Switchboard assure that:

  • The appliance has never been registered on Endian Network yet with the Activation Code you are going to use.
  • The appliance can navigate on Internet (appliance needs to be able to successfully connect through TCP/443 port) and is reachable

Log in in the Endian appliance GUI interface and navigate to Connect to Switchboard.


 Press Extend claim period and the appliance will search for the provisioning configuration on for the next 24 hours.


If you need to use Plug&Connect procedure to register this appliance on any other switchboard different than, you will need to click on "Set custom registry" and type the FQDN of the switchboard you want to use, then click on "Extend claim period" in order to save such new value and force the appliance to look for this switchboard instead of

When the Plug & Connect procedure is started both on Server and Client side the device will connect and the Endian Appliance will establish a VPN connection with the Switchboard.



It happens that you could not see the appliance as registered yet if checking into the GUI appliance. In such cases, the issue should fix itself by waiting at least 2 hours, but you can also force a synchronization with Endian Network by issuing the following command via SSH
root@endian:~# en-client -suv
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