Migration from Software/Virtual 3.0.5 to 3.2

Applies to platform: UTM 3.0.5 Software and Virtual
Updated on: 3rd of August 2016

This document lists the requirements and shows the steps to successfully upgrade your Endian Software or Virtual Appliance from the 3.0.5 to the 3.2 version. Note that version 3.2 is not available for Hardware Appliances!

The main advantages of the 3.2 version are the x86_64 architecture, the support for Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors and support for previously unsupported hardware devices.

The whole upgrade procedure is divided into two parts: A Preparation step and the Installation step.


  1. A full up-to-date Endian Software or Virtual Appliance 3.0.5, with all packages updated to their latest version and a valid maintenance.
  2. System Requirements:
    1. CPU Intel x86_64 compatible / 1GHz Minimum (Dual-core 2 GHz Recommended)
    2. Multi-Processor Symmetric Multi-Processor (SMP) support included
    3. RAM 2GB minimum (4 GB recommended)
    4. Hard Disk Support for full virtualization and paravirtualization / 8GB Minimum (20 GB Recommended)
    5. CD-ROM Physical and virtual drives as supported by the hypervisor
    6. Network Cards 2 Virtual NICs Minimum / Support for full virtualization and paravirtualization
    7. Supported Hypervisors: Xen, Vmware, KVM, and Hyper-V


The initial steps of the procedure are much like in the previous upgrades:

  1. Make a full update of the appliance, using the GUI (System > Updates) or issuing this command from the CLI:
    root@endian:~ # efw-update upgrade
  2. Make a backup of the appliance, full or partial, depending on what you need to restore on the new appliance.
  3. (optional) If you have a virtual appliance, make a snapshot of the current state of the VM, to be restored if you experience problems during or after the installation.

Here the procedure differs, since the upgrade can not be done automatically: it requires a new installation and a new Activation Code. This Activation Code will have the same expiration date as the current one.

Then, you have to open a support ticket on the Endian support portal,, and you will receive an answer containing:

  • The new activation code.
  • The link to download the 3.2 installation image.
  • Additional instructions to make a backup and to reinstall.
  • The expiration date of the old maintenance, after which the 3.0.5 appliance can not be used anymore.


Before starting the installation step, read carefully the next advise:


After you reinstall your appliance, and choose to import the backup, do not specify the old maintenance/activation code, or the whole process will fail. In other words, leave the Exclude Endian Network registration option ticked.


If for any reason your new appliance includes the old activation code, use the following command to unregister the system

root@endian:~ # restartenclient -x

then register it again, either from the GUI or the CLI.

Once you downloaded the installation image, these are the steps to be followed:

  1. Start the installation process normally.
  2. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen (they slight change between software and virtual).
  3. When asked to restore the backup from the previous 3.0.5 appliance, remember to NOT include maintenance data (see image above).
  4. Register the appliance with the new activation code.
  5. After the installation has been completed, update the appliance.

At this point, you will have a fully updated Endian Appliance 3.2! Enjoy!

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